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Ductless System Products and Installation in Olympia, WA

Feeling a little too warm? Perhaps a bit too cool? The solution may be a ductless heating and cooling system. Unlike a central heating system and ducts, these powerful systems from Mitsubishi make heating and cooling specific areas of your home easy and energy efficient.


Ductless systems offer homeowners several comfort-increasing benefits:

  • Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency – Allow users to only heat and cool specific rooms or areas, rather than the whole home
  • Ease of Use – Turn the system on and off with the push of a button
  • Versatility – Ductless systems can work in virtually any home, including those without ducts or built before air conditioning was commonplace
  • Quiet Operation – No loud whirring or interruption


Want to learn more about ductless systems? Contact us for a free in-home estimate from one of our heating and cooling installation experts.

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