Brazing a key technique for our employees. It’s similar to welding and soldering, but not quite the same thing. Welding is a process of joining two similar metal pieces or parts together. Brazing joins two different types of metal pieces or parts together, using a filler that bonds and joins the two parts together.

Brazing is a crucial skill for our employees to learn because they often utilize the practice while providing services to our customers. Brazing is essential when new pipes are installed or reconnected to new heating and cooling units in a home. Successful brazing allows the pipes to have multiple turns with no leakage—ensuring a perfect job.

Staff member beginning brazing
Staff learning from a master journeyman

Gastite Class

Heating and cooling units use a variety of energy sources to provide the best climate control for your home. Natural gas is one the most common energy resources utilized worldwide. Gastite (pronounced gas-tight) is a safe, flexible, and efficient method of installing piping for natural gas. 

In this class, we teach employees how to properly handle and install the Gastite system. Our most important lesson is ensuring that the gas coming into the home is always where it should be.

Making a clean cut isn’t easy. Each cut and connection must be perfect—there is no room for mistakes. When it comes to gas, you can’t practice enough!

Vacuum Class

CSM Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing our employees with the knowledge and training they need to efficiently and safely get the job done. Our Vacuum Class helps keep our employees up to date on proper techniques and equipment handling.

By teaching our employees how to better use the equipment, our overall productivity increases. This helps us respect our customers by cutting down the time we’re in their homes.

Staff member giving a speech